The french way


We take our French artisanship and love of food incredibly seriously. We do not compromise on quality or process in any way which would impair the taste of our burgers. We believe in qualité at every layer of the hamburgé, which means fresh ingredients prepared in-house every day. We only use premium quality local meat, fresh bread and vegetables, and of course the best French cheeses made from raw milk and imported from France.

at every layer

A proper burgé is not just about the meat, it is about every layer. Starting from the bread baked daily, to the grilled vegetables, and of course, the molton cheese...

It is the marriage of all the Big Fernand flavours that makes us who we are. Resist conformity — vive la difference!


We have a wine cellar downstairs for extra seating, but also available for private hire and wild parties. Perfect for up to 15 people seated, plus some extras if they sit on your knee!

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Of course, we believe good food deserves good wine – it’s the French way! Try our selected red, white or rosé imported from France to enjoy with your hamburgé. After all, a glass of wine at lunch will make your boss a lot more bearable!

in 1993

We might be new à Londres, but we’ve been serving our burgers in Paris and across France since 1993.

Our passion is
le fromage